Made In Reading Block

Made In Reading Block


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Meatloaf and Pie at the Sunset Cafe

Two old nemesis, a cop and a crook, meet to determine if they can live with each other’s existence.

Director: Jake Hunsicker
13:28 minutes



A lonely woman, heartbroken by losses in her life, has an important date… with the Moon!
She relives the steps taken so many times, before the years became difficult. Her walk, hesitant, because of an uphill climb, brings both confrontation and plea.

Director: David John Hall
5:17 minutes


Unsuspecting souls encounter a creature in the woods.

Director: Dirk Copeland
11:24 minutes



Finding community isn’t always an easy thing to do. In a world where information moves at the speed of light and we’re always glued to our phones, human connection can be harder than ever to achieve. With “Intercourse” we explore a small, rural, town in Pennsylvania that, despite many challenges, has maintained a simple way of life. We explore the struggles of coexistence between the Amish and the English. How do these two groups of very different people live in harmony? How do they deal with the tourism brought on by their unique name? In “Intercourse” we explore a town that moves a lot slower than the rest of the world, despite the outside world always pushing in. This is a town that has true community and core values that differ greatly from modern society.

Director: Andrew Barr
27:38 minutes


A Life Like This

A documentary portrait, highlighting the lived experiences and creative work of four outsider artists working and living with disability in Central Pennsylvania. Artists with disability, both mental and physical, consistently face discrimination, inequity, and underexposure at both local and national levels. This film aims to de-stigmatize an underrepresented demographic of artists as it tells the four unique stories of Malcolm Corley, Adam Musser, Sybil Roe Thompson and David Nolt who create as a means to communicate and express how art shapes and impacts their lives.

Director: James Hollenbaugh
43:21 minutes

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Oct 29 2023


12:00 pm - 2:30 pm




GoggleWorks Boscov Theatre
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