Friday Night Shorts

Friday Night Shorts



Split Ends

A bald girl and a young boy with long hair whose car has been confiscated due to lack of proper hijab are trying to solve their problem with the Tehran Morality Police without having to pay a fine. Police surveillance cameras have mistaken the boy for a woman because of his long hair, and the young girl, despite her shaved head, has to pay the fine simply because the hijab law only applies to women.   Feeling humiliated by the government official, the pair find a creative way to resist authority.

Director: Alireza Kazemipour
14:15 minutes

Two Chairs

A road weary traveler takes the chance meeting of a lifetime, but it turns out to be a Mysterious interrogation beyond time and space that will reverse the core of human existence… FOREVER.

“Can Humans know everything? Should they?”

This film was shot in Pittsburgh, but the director/editor/visual effects artist now resides in Cleveland, Ohio. The Director Enni Eastman is actually Jens Klein, a German/Maltese director who has visual effects credits to his name from films like “Troy,” “Gladiator” and “Munich”!

Director: Enni Eastman
27 minutes

The Farmhouse

A teenager finds himself stuck on a farm in a mysterious game with deadly implications.

Director: Joshua Land
7 minutes

Kong: Steel in Love

The only physical remnant of the original King Kong puppet is the posable steel skeleton that allowed animators to bring him to life in 1933.¬† With that very skeleton in hand, Tom Woodruff, Jr. imagines Kong’s eternal quest for his true love to reveal that a heart still beats within the beast.

Director: Tom Woodruff Jr.
4 minutes


A young couple waits to cross the sea to escape to a new land but the birth of their baby presents a problem.

Director: Karim Azimi
13:30 minutes



Houra is pregnant with her fourth child, but the baby’s gender creates a complex situation. Her husband’s family demands a boy for their inheritance plans, yet Houra’s pregnancy is dangerous, and the doctor warns it could threaten her life. With a history of miscarriages, Houra must decide between the pressure to give birth to a male heir and the prospects of endangering her health.

Director: Mehrdad Azizi Parsa
11:28 minutes

Miracle on 74th Street

A clash of reality vs. fantasy ensues when a young, hot-shot actor from Mumbai arrives in Queens, NYC and a day with an older cab driver with a secret.

Director: JT Doran
7:23 minutes


Drama about a poor woman and trust.

Director: Elika Abdollahi
10 minutes

Enter The Room

A young adult (Brian) is visited by his brother, Jeremy, who needs a place to stay as he settles into his new city. The two polar opposite personalities begin to clash as Jeremy’s presence poses a threat to Brian’s way of life. Brian’s uptight personality and unreasonable living standards rub off on Jeremy, creating an incredible amount of tension. Bad blood, stemming from a traumatic past event reveals the shocking truth of the brothers’ current situations, as Brian struggles to differentiate between reality and his worst nightmares.

Director: Harry Waldman
15 minutes

And What if I Am?

Bullied by classmates and lacking support from his parents, Tim is suspended from school and left at home alone. Rebelling against his mother’s instructions, Tim chooses to spend the day with Josh, a mysterious new student in his class.

Director: Bryan Powers
16 minutes





Oct 27 2023


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