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Our Vision for RFF

We are totally excited about the vision of ReadingFilmFEST!

It will bring together both seasoned and emerging filmmakers with submissions in all genres, and provide opportunities to share ideas and experiences. From storyboard and budgeting, script to shooting, and edit to marketing, we are excited to celebrate the art of film with creators and film lovers alike!

RFF promises to be a weekend complete with interesting panels, fabulous parties, networking opportunities, and of course, great films!

We welcome filmmakers from the Mid-Atlantic region and around the world! We’re planning panel discussions aimed at emerging filmmakers. We’re even planning location tours to show them why they want to film their next project here!

RFF will be “live” at multiple venues around downtown Reading’s Entertainment Square and beyond, including GoggleWorks Center for the Arts (our home base), RC Reading Movies 11 – IMAX, The Louis Long Gallery at the GAPS, and the historic Hamburg Strand.

It is true that there are more than 2000 film festivals in the U.S. alone. And there is a reason for that! Many communities have realized the economic and social benefits of a film festival. So what makes us think that Reading has something worth bringing to the “narrative” of film festivals?” Here are a few reasons why we’ll have the critics raving:

  1. Concierge treatment of filmmakers, as if they have already won their Oscar; treating emerging and established filmmakers at the festival the way they are treated by the Film Office

  2. Our film fest is planned by filmmakers for filmmakers – everyone on the team is a filmmaker, who also happens to be an planner and organizer. We think we have a pretty good idea what will interest other filmmakers in our festival. And we know that when filmmakers attend a festival, it is that much more interesting for every there!

  3. We will work to engage the entire community in the excitement of this event by engaging visual artists, musicians, restaurants and bars, and multiple venues. We are looking for partners at every level.

All film festivals have awards, but ours will have 3 very exciting awards: Heart of Film, Art of Film and Grand Prize Concierge Package!

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