StudentFEST 2023

StudentFEST 2023 with special guest, Madison Reyes

We are dedicated to supporting the growth of young talent in film and media production. These emerging filmmakers have the potential to shape the future of cinema as today’s aspiring student filmmakers evolve into tomorrow’s award-winning directors, visionary producers, and skilled videographers. As part of our commitment, we proudly present International StudentFEST on Thursday, October 26th. Accepted student films of this season bring forth a treasure trove of creativity and fresh perspectives.  We take immense pride in spotlighting these filmmakers and amplifying their voices by exclusively dedicating this section within our festival to them.

Bringing star power to StudentFEST this year is special guest, Madison Reyes, best known for her leading role in Netflix’s hit musical series, “Julie and the Phantoms.”  Madison embodies multifaceted prowess as an actress, singer, and social media influencer, with a staggering following of over 1 million on Instagram and 600,000 on TikTok. Beginning on September 15th, leading up to StudentFEST, Madison will launch a collaborative social media challenge alongside selected students entitled, “One Minute Moment.” The challenge poses the question: “If you had one minute to save someone from opioids or to prevent violence, what would you do or say?” In these poignant one-minute videos, centered around the deeply contemplative themes of Opioid Crisis and Violence Prevention, participants can channel their heartfelt sentiments, personal stories, and perspectives while showcasing their unique artistic talents.

On October 26th at the International StudentFEST, Madison will appear live, serving as the MC for the event and performing a halftime concert. She will end the evening by announcing the Social Media and StudentFEST award winners, making it an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

You can check back soon for more detailed information on the social media challenge guidelines, awards, and prizes.



Bounty in Chinatown

Bounty In Chinatown

After fleeing his life of power and privilege in a dystopian future, monarch Dr. Orlando Han becomes the target of a relentless hunter, seeking revenge for a past tragedy. However, these vengeful plans are disrupted by the arrival of a mysterious stranger who holds the key to his families deepest secrets.

Director: Jackson Self
15 minutes

To Eli, Forever

A grieving young woman has recurring flashbacks of the last encounter with her boyfriend before he died in a car accident, but these flashbacks quickly intensify when they begin seeping into her waking life to completely consume her.

Director: Abbrielle Tuel
6:28 minutes

Storey’s Adventure

A lonely girl gets lost in her world and is interrupted by a group of future friends.

Director: Johanna Wieden
2:24 minutes


A father and son find themselves on opposite sides after the death of their wife and mother.

Director: Jan-David Soutar
8:46 minutes

A Little Glass of Rum

After grieving over the murder of his wife and son, a prison guard dines with the killer for his last meal.

Writer: Lauren Keller
19:53 minutes

The Mystery of the Trufle Dogs

The Mystery of the Truffle Dogs

Ismael is a miner who lives alone in a small house in the middle of nowhere looking for gold. One day a man arrives claiming to be the director of the mining company. He asks him to give him the gold, but everything is complicated by knowing the real reason why he is there.

Director: Gerard Satorra Gonzàlez
14:41 minutes

A Beautiful Gift

Mini documentary about a Reading-based beauty salon owner who has been giving away wigs for the last 27 years to people suffering from hair loss.

Director: Kurt R Manderbach
12:37 minutes





Oct 26 2023


5:30 pm - 9:00 pm




R/C Reading Movies 11 & IMAX - Theater 1
30 N 2nd St, Reading, PA 19601


Reading FilmFEST