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I Am Danny Torres

Created by Abby Torres, #SOMOSSOCIETY: I Am Danny Torres is part of a series of short documentaries, highlighting the everyday people of Philadelphia’s Puerto Rican community. I Am Danny Torres shows what it takes to keep our community beautiful while teaching Puerto Rico’s rich culture in Philadelphia.

Director: Abigail Torres Melendez
14 minutes

The Son Rises

Manny, a rebellious biker, must fight for justice when his younger brother is killed in a senseless police shooting. Harassed by those who have sworn to protect him, he finds parallels between his story and that of Jesus Christ, as he’s slowly nailed to a cross of his own.

Director: Alexander G. Seyum
46:42 minutes

Una Carta a Mis Hijas

An undocumented mother, living in NYC, struggles with her pursuit of the American dream as she writes a letter to the children she left back home.

Director: JT Doran
6:15 minutes

Blood And Ash

In a small mountain house, under the law of the Christian Holy Family, a mother and her two children live in confinement forced by her husband. But after a failed suicide attempt, the mother is forced to include her children in a new escape plan.

Director: Kenneth Sanabria
18:10 minutes

The Companion

Charles Rockford, a wealthy and affluent man, jilted by his wife, makes a deal with a secret organization to provide him with a companion that will never leave him. The organization delivers, but with a stark warning never to reveal the truth to anyone or there will be consequences. Things get complicated when Charles’ wife unexpectedly returns to find another woman has taken her place.

Director: Robert J Morgalo
36 minutes


An undocumented scientist and his son try to stop an environmental disaster.

Director: Eunice Levis
15 minutes




Oct 27 2023


7:00 pm - 10:00 pm




R/C Reading Movies 11 & IMAX - Theater 1
30 N 2nd St, Reading, PA 19601


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