Comedy Block

Comedy Block


Meats & Cheeses

One of three friends vastly underestimates his knowledge of protein and dairy consumables.

Director: Brian Kesek
6:18 minutes


We are all Dogs

This is a story is about a happy family in a sad world.  A world where there is no place for rejected creatures.

Director: Aminreza Alimohammadi
14:04 minutes



When Reilly and Darwin hear about budget cuts at the office, they agree to act in solidarity to save their jobs.

Director: Mark L. Mazzeo
5:48 minutes


Floating Mom

A girl’s mother has started to levitate unconsciously. At the same time, the girl grapples with an unusually optimistic doctor’s visit.

Director: Aidan Guynes
9:41 minutes


Fundamental Shapes

Jacob, an unemployed actor, stumbles into an unusual gig: nude figure model for a fine arts class. When his next-door neighbor turns up, he must find a way to keep his identity hidden, and their budding romance intact. A gentle romantic comedy about vulnerability, surprising coincidences, and the unexpected ways we find love.

Director: Colin Alistair Campbell
14:55 minutes



Oct 28 2023


6:00 pm - 7:30 pm




R/C Reading Movies 11 & IMAX - Theater 1
30 N 2nd St, Reading, PA 19601