Outside Time (Afuera Del Tiempo)

Director: Marco Velez Esquivia
Runtime: 90 minutes

A man returns to the past to stop his girlfriend from ending their relationship before he can propose to her but every time he comes back she breaks up with him giving him a different excuse. Now he has to change according to her so he can marry her.

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Listen (Escucha)

Director: Ernesto González Díaz
Runtime: 6 minutes

A couple of sound engineers have stopped paying attention to each other. During a film shooting they see themselves in the actors who play the scene, which makes them understand the importance of listening to one another.

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Director: Gabriel Angulo
Runtime: 7 minutes

A couple of college students are in the car. They finished their night walk of the day. When the girl is about to say goodbye, the boy interrupts her and says that she cannot say goodbye, because he have something to confess: they are fictional characters inside a movie.

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Screening Info

Date: Saturday, November 3, 2018 at 6pm
Venue: Reading IMAX Theater
Address: 30 N 2nd St, Reading
Tickets: $10