Gender Issues – Shorts Block

Film block sponsored by
Fairmont Behavioral Health System


Director: Meg Cook
Runtime: 1 minute

A woman’s initial excitement at getting a message quickly turns sour. Based on the all too common experience of receiving an unsolicited ‘dick pic’.


Director: Mostafa Mehraban
Runtime: 10 minutes

Rasoul has to deliver a cradle to his martyr friend’s widow. With Rasoul returning from the southern warzone to the northern part of the country, his wife Laya plans on going back to the warzone with him. The cradle becomes an excuse for Rasoul to reject his wife’s request.

A Period Piece

Director: Sylvia Ray
Runtime: 5:12 minutes

Cheered on by her best friend, a teen confronts her greatest fear – tampons.

This One's for You, Alice

Director: Patrick Hanser
Runtime: 11 minutes

When Joaquim, a frustrated writer living in the 70s, finds out his recently wed wife is cheating on him, he starts writing a suicide letter along with preparing a surprise for his wife to find when she gets home from her lover’s arms.

A Visible Truth

Director: Ash Warren
Runtime: 13:24 minutes

Ami, an introverted transgender person, lives an unfulfilled, closeted life until a tragic event motivates Ami to reexamine their own feelings on identity.

The Snail

Director: Mohammad Torivarian
Runtime: 10:44 minutes

Three young Iranian boys along with a smuggler are clandestinely smuggling across the Iran-Turkey border. The smuggler only passes masculines through the border. In the middle of the way, he suddenly realizes that one of the passengers is hermaphrodite.

A Piece of Chocolate

Director: Mohammad Ali Wahaj
Runtime: 5:51 minutes

A woman who is raped by her husband each month due to her husband’s debt


Director: Kourosh Ahari
Runtime: 24 minutes

When a tragedy at work provokes him to uncover family secrets at home, Dr. Bill O’Connell discovers the truth about himself and his lineage.

Zoe In Review

Director: Stacey Larkins
Runtime: 15 minutes

An emotionally fractured woman examines her past in search of answers for her present entanglement.

Parvaz Mahiha

Director: Mohammad Towrivarian
Runtime: 14:38 minutes

The new teacher in the village understood that one of his student who is the only girl in the class don’t talk and a cigarette burn is visible in her hand.

Screening Info

Date: Saturday, November 2, 2019 at 1pm
Venue: The GoggleWorks Boscov Theater
Address: 201 Washington St, Reading
Tickets: $10

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