2017 is our second year for StudentFEST – a presentation of some of the best short films in 3 categories – narrative, documentary and music videos, by high school and college students from near and far! One of the missions of ReadingFilm is to foster the development of a strong […]

White Paper Director: Mark Kochanowicz Runtime: 11 minutes A salesman’s honesty is put to the test when a chance encounter leads to the opportunity of a lifetime. website: www.facebook.com/WhitePaperMovie The Educators Director: Emily Rothermel Runtime: 43 minutes A documentary about how and why teachers connect with their students both within and […]

Denial Director: Derek Hallquist Runtime: 92 minutes Derek Hallquist is an earnest young filmmaker who wants to get to the bottom of the energy debate. How is the world going to become a truly responsible consumer of energy? Is it even possible? While searching for answers to these burning questions, […]