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State Theater Shorts

Midnight Carnival

Director: Chung-Wei Huang
Runtime: 19 minutes

Midnight Carnival tells the story of Andrea Lin, a confused Taiwanese girl in her late teens struggling to find her place in the world. In search of the adventure that is missing from her life, she takes a summer job in America working for a traveling carnival, where she is confronted with the harsh realities of life as a migrant worker. After struggling to connect with her “carney” co-workers, including Julio, a young, free-spirited Mexican man, she must come to terms with her feelings of wanting to belong, yet never feeling at home.

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My Dad and Bob Todd

My Dad and Bob Todd

Director: Mark Clauburg
Runtime: 13 minutes

Rebecca is supposed to meet her father for a quiet dinner to catch up, but things take a turn when he brings a guest.

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Listen (Escucha)

Director: Ernesto González Díaz
Runtime: 6 minutes

A couple of sound engineers have stopped paying attention to each other. During a film shooting they see themselves in the actors who play the scene, which makes them understand the importance of listening to one another.

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Director: Serge Delpierre
Runtime: 3 minutes

Penelope’s rideshare home becomes quite the odyssey as she encounters a panoply of passengers along the way.


Bryce and Liam Go to Space

Director: Bryce Padovan
Runtime: 5 minutes

Two best friends take the extraterrestrial adventure of a lifetime, all starting one night in Bryce and Liam’s back shed in Melbourne, Australia.

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Director: Shayna Connelly
Runtime: 14 minutes

Suzanne’s grief transcends the boundaries of the natural world and arouses a primordial being. She courts this ghost, using intellect and desire to forge a union between them. Quiver melds horror and passion with Virginia Woolf’s idea of a woman requiring a ‘room of her own’ in which to uncover her true identity. Can Suzanne force a rift into the supernatural realm to build a space where she can coexist with what haunts her?

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Screening Info

Date: Saturday, November 3, 2018 at 6:30pm
Venue: Boyertown State Theater
Address: 61 N Reading Ave, Boyertown
Tickets:  $10

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