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Special Block: Mental Health

In the Balance

Director: Kemuel Charles
Runtime: 23:57 minutes

Two US Marine Soldiers returning home from the Iraq war, suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, must learn how to cope with their “new” everyday reality. Shawn is an ill-mannered alcoholic on the verge of exploding, while Chris seeks redemption within his psychiatrist, with the hopes of reclaiming his family and life.

After Chris has a brief yet awkward encounter with his Ex-Marine Sergeant, Shawn, whom has cut himself off from everything except cigarettes and alcohol. Chris begins to question his ethics and morality, as Shawn settles into a life of anger and self-destruction. Chris wants nothing more than to
reunite with his beautiful wife, Kenia, who still has concerns about her husband’s state of mind as well as the safety of their six-year-old daughter.

Chris confidently seeks the help of his new therapist, which ultimately turns out to be God manifesting as part of his spiritual sanity.

The Darkness Before Me

Director: Rachael Quinn
Runtime: 15 minutes

What lurks in the darkness – hides plainly in the light.

Tony, a grown man, suffers an inexplicable fear of the dark. Seeking help, he finds himself on the couch of a less than perceptive psychoanalyst. What’s really haunting Tony? Does he know? Can the doctor find it? Will the doctor find it? To understand what takes place when the lights go out, one must pay close attention while they’re still on.

Screening Info

Date: Saturday, October 2, 2021 at 1pm
Venue: The GoggleWorks Boscov Theater
Address: 201 Washington St, Reading
Tickets: $10

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