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Saturday Shorts Block

Trap Fishing

Director: David Helfer Wells
Runtime: 7 minutes

Get up close and personal with one of the last remaining trap fishing families in Rhode Island. Meet Corey Wheeler Forrest, her father Alan Wheeler and brother Luke Wheeler. Learn the art of trap fishing and what it takes to make a living on the water.

Old Man's Heavy Sleep

Director: Mostafa Rostampou
Runtime: 15 minutes

This film is about the modern human family where loneliness is bold and dominant. We show the life of an old man who’s left alone after his children leave. He desires death because of this deadly loneliness. His only companion is a man who lives downstairs.

Drum Taps

Director: H. Paul Moon
Runtime: 11:32 minutes

A Union soldier awakens in a southern battlefield. Is the war over?
(A cinematic setting of Civil War poems from Walt Whitman’s “Drum-Taps” in “Leaves in Grass.” 2019 is the bicentennial year of the poet’s birth.)

You Went On With Your Dying

Director: Amin Ghashghaiyan Raz
Runtime: 20 minutes

Today my mother died. Maybe I did not know yesterday. I had a phone call from the nursing home. For the first time, after a long time, I thought to my mother, at this moment and at the end of the day will I be survived?

The Angel and The Stockbroker

Director: Kevin Hejna
Runtime: 11:21 minutes

A thief breaks into a Stockbroker’s apartment. She finds her mark about to jump from the roof. Can the most unlikely person talk him down from the ledge?


Director: Jalal Veisi
Runtime: 11 minutes

A soldier who is in love with a girl in the archives of the garrison who…


Director: Erik Bloomquist
Runtime: 20 minutes

An obsessive-compulsive teenager struggles to learn the value of compromise while adjusting to her new home (and butting heads with the ghost of the boy who haunts it).

Leaps and Bounds

Director: Jessie Garcia
Runtime: 16 minutes
The athlete and his coach from the University of Pennsylvania who revolutionized track and field by inventing two key techniques in the late 1800’s, and the controversial Olympics that followed.

Screening Info

Date: Saturday, November 2, 2019 at 4pm
Venue: The GoggleWorks Boscov Theater
Address: 201 Washington St, Reading
Tickets: $10

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