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Iranian Short Films

Goodbye Olympic

Director: Mojtaba poorbakhsh
Runtime: 18:37 minutes

Maria is a girl whom she is a champion of Kayak; she is waiting for dispatching to the Olympics Qualification which held in France. The schedule of dispatching the kayaking team will be called off because of some troubles.


Director: Mohammad Towrivarian
Runtime: 15 minutes

A poor family has a child with a disability. Due to his inability to pay for medical expenses, the father and his brother decide to kill their child. The father tries to do his job at night, but the mother, who is suspected of his behavior, goes to the road with them.
On the way, the father sees his brother and tells him that he regrets his decision, but his brother humiliates him and makes him miserable and miserable. The brother goes after his brother.
In the morning, he takes care of the woman and puts her to sleep, and picks up the child and puts him on the sidewalk. When she returns to her husband, she is confronted with the scene of her murder.


Director: Nasser Zamiri
Runtime: 19:30 minutes

Ebrahim’s chronic insomnia has caused tension between him and his wife, Marziyeh.


Director: Omid Mirzaei
Runtime: 15 minutes

I am American

Director: Omid Mirzaei
Runtime: 15 minutes

ISIS captures an American reporter. He will soon experience the meaning of peace in a different way.

Today is Friday

Director: Mohammad Ahangar
Runtime: 14 minutes

Nader and Saed are arguing with each other because of their problems in the company.
But suddenly something happens which causes some changes to their destiny.

I Come From That Crowded City

Director: Mina Salimi
Runtime: 12:04 minutes

Screening Info

Date: Saturday, October 2, 2021 at 2:30pm
Venue: The GoggleWorks Boscov Theater
Address: 201 Washington St, Reading
Tickets: $10

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