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Five Minute FilmFEST  

A free annual film challenge open to high school students located in Berks County, Pennsylvania. Students in Berks County, PA develop their own five minute film and compete against other students and schools in the region for trophies, prizes and well-deserved recognition! 

Our mission is to encourage and support students interested in film and media to explore the world of filmmaking. We want to empower our youth to share their stories through digital media and develop the next generation of filmmakers.

Submissions open from December – March each year.

Rules & Guidelines:

How do I submit a film / video?  Submit online through FilmFreeway using the following link. Submission must be an original short film/video project no more than 5 minutes in length. 3-5 minute total run time (TRT) video. Title slate, opening credits and closing credits count as part of the TRT.

Film/video project may be part of a school assignment or an independent project. Educators/teachers can mentor/guide students through film development process.

Students may submit on their own or educators may submit on behalf of student(s).

All genres will be accepted, including original narrative/fiction, documentary/non-fiction and music videos. All videos must utilize original or copyright cleared music and images.

All submissions will be judged by independent jurors. Trophies and prizes will be awarded to the best films based on our judges scoring.

Students must reside in Berks County, Pennsylvania and be currently enrolled in a public, charter or private high school. 


  • Documentary: Documentary film has become the field where, as the New York Times put it, “all the cool kids are.” The boundaries of documentary film are expanding more than ever, find your subject matter and document it.

  • Action Sports: Share your action packed, adrenaline-fueled sports adventures. No sport is off limits, as – long – as it has action you can submit it! Skiing, Skateboarding, Cheerleading, Ski diving, Cliff Jumping, Paintball!

  • Commercial: This category is for advertisement or promotional pieces. Commercial can include school related actives or commercial products

  • News Story: This category is for broadcast journalism.

    • Feature Story: Produce an in-depth story about a compelling, newsworthy topic that highlights creativity and makes an emotional connection with the audience.

    • Sports Feature: Develop profile pieces or real-time reporting about athletes in action, are they making a difference on the field, off the field, or both?

  • Comedy: It is entertaining and often makes us laugh, but it also can tell a story that moves us to want more. Comedy can be full of surprises that we don’t expect, it can make us smile, it can make us cringe. We encourage all types of comedic genres.

  • Animation:  Films that use computer graphics, can be computer animation, Flash, Stop-Motion

  • Short Narrative: Think beginning, middle, end, conflict, rising action, climax and resolution. Bring on the characters and conflicts.

  • Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy: Danger? Fights? Evil forces? We accept all genres, from sci-fi, thriller and horror.   

  • Music Video: Find a song and share its story. Original music or songs in which you have permission to use will be accepted. ALL copyrighted music MUST have explicit permission.  Credits must recognize the musician or band.

Special Influencer Categories:

This category is designed specifically for the next generation of digital storytellers and online influencers.

  • Public Service Announcements: Films that raise awareness, change public attitudes, and or effect behavior towards a social issue.

  • Adventure/Travel: Gone anywhere interesting lately? Experienced your own epic adventure? Or maybe you were just in your backyard and had a moment to remember… Share your passion, your inspiration, your exploration. Share your life experiences.

  • Vlog Life: Sit down in front of a camera and share your life, thoughts, opinions, and interests in this booming blog-extending and digital diary video format. Feel free to include embedded video, text, images, etc. BUT make sure that you have the rights to all content that appears in your submission.

  • Tutorial/Educational: Films that teach or demonstrate. Are you an emerging expert, share your knowledge on any topic / trend with a “how to” video tutorial.

 Awards and Prizes:

  • First Place Overall Winner receives $175 cash, Crystal Award, Swag bag, and ReadingFilmFEST Filmmaker-Tshirt

  • First Place Overall Influencer Winner receives $175 cash, Crystal Award, Swag bag, and ReadingFilmFEST Filmmaker-Tshirt

  • Second Place Overall Winner receive $75 cash and Award Certificate, Swag bag

  • Second Place Overall Influencer Award $75 cash and Award Certificate, Swag bag

All participating students and teachers will receive StudentFest / All Access Pass to 2020 ReadingFilmFEST

Check out 2018 FiveMinuteFilmFEST Award Ceremony:

This event is being sponsored by a grant from the Berks County Community Foundatio

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