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ReadingFilm’s core mission is to develop the production community in the region. This is our third year of including special competition for student filmmakers in the ReadingFilmFEST.

Student filmmakers comprise a special group of independent filmmakers. They have not yet made the connections required of professional filmmakers, but they have fresh ideas and new visions to share. We celebrate their youthful exuberance by giving them their own section in our festival. Our goal is to attract students to submit and attend the festival. We’re thrilled that so many students have made the effort to attend the festival!

This year, we also made a special effort to include local high school students through our Five Minute FilmFEST competition. The winners of that competition will be a part of our StudentFilmFEST screening!

It is our hope that ReadingFilmFEST inspires students to learn the craft of filmmaking. The world needs films and today’s student filmmakers are tomorrow’s Academy Award winning directors, producers, and videographers. 

All films selected for the StudentFEST will play at a special Preview night on Thursday evening, September 30 at the Reading Movies 11 & IMAX. The winners will also be screened during the festival on Saturday, October 2 at 6:30 PM at the Reading Movies 11 & IMAX.

Congratulations to all of our student filmmakers. You are all winners!

A Burning Mind

Director: Savannah Oviedo
Runtime: 14:21 minutes

A high schooler with a passion for music struggles to find people who will accept him for who he is, along with his own mental health.


Director: Edward Heredia
Runtime: 11:27 minutes

Cole, a conflicted young man, witnesses the death of his best friend. As he struggles with traumatic grief and proving his innocence on the day of the funeral, he must also come to terms with the guilt of his actions.

Traverse City's NOT SO Haunted Past

Director: Kathryn Clark
Runtime: 9:58 minutes

An 8th grade student with a class assignment to report on the ghost stories of a local mental hospital discovers its true history.

The Final Masterpiece

Director: Patrick Hanser
Runtime: 14:31 minutes

Two retired detectives, who were active during the Brazilian dictatorship, must confront the past when asked to depose to a Truth Commission regarding their investigation into the suicide of an artist and his infamous last masterpiece.

Good Neighbors

Director: Lennon Sullivan
Runtime: 13:25 minutes

An art student finds success through mysterious elves until she unearths their true intentions.

Ruth & Nick: A Confectionery Tale

Director: Carter Rostron
Runtime: 6:21 minutes

This stop-motion animated short tells the bittersweet story of Nick, a piece of candy who falls in love with a girl who seems out of reach. This film was made by 15-year-old Carter Rostron of Kansas City, using cardboard, construction paper, and a bunch of candy.

Don't Touch

Director: Anastasia Pravdina
Runtime: 7:43 minutes

Brother and sister discover an artifact that grants wishes. Despite his young age, the brother understands that it is better not to touch it, unlike the sister. As she disobeys her brother, she witnesses how wishes lead to disastrous consequences.

Bug Bite

Director: Bridget Connell
Runtime: 14:46 minutes

A young couple on vacation must grapple with tension in their relationship as the main character processes her phobias.

Everything You Owe Me

Director: Tommy Butler
Runtime: 10:28 minutes

After an ugly break up, Jamie and Emma meet on neutral territory to return their stuff.


Director: Emma Sinex
Runtime: 6:04 minutes

A couple adjusts to life postpartum while coping with a tragic loss.

Screening Info

Date: September 30, 2021 at 5pm
Venue: Reading Movies & IMAX
Address: 30 N 2nd  St, Reading

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