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Documenting Art

Voice of Selma

Director: Roya Iravani
Runtime: 30 minutes

The Voice of Selma (Moghaddam Museum) Project is a feature-length documentary film that guides us through the treasures collected over a lifetime of work by Selma Moghaddam and her husband Mohsen. Against a backdrop of government hostility toward Persian works of art that predate the Islamic revolutionary period and a personal dislike of Mohsen Moghaddam for his family’s role in the assassination of a government official, the two highly educated and well-traveled historians embarked on a life journey to find and preserve the art and artifacts that represent Persia and Iran.


Director: Roya Iravani
Runtime: 30 minutes

The pictograph is a documentary that takes a unique and comprehensive look into the relatively unknown world of modern art in Iran. This historical perspective examines an ancient culture that has run the gamut from actively repressing to ecstatically embracing, artists and art itself – Iranian artists have ridden the whirlwind in their quest to express the creative genius within

Screening Info

Date: Saturday, October 2, 2021 at 4pm
Venue: Reading IMAX Theater
Address: 30 N 2nd St, Reading
Tickets: $10

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