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I’m Coming From That Crowded City

I’m Coming From That Crowded City

I’m Coming From That Crowded Place Director: Mina Salimi Runtime: 12:04 min Genre: Drama, Foreign, Iranian Date: Saturday, October 2, 2021 at 2:30pm Venue: The GoggleWorks Boscov Theater Screening Info Date: Saturday, October 2, 2021 at 2:30pm Venue: The GoggleWorks Boscov Theater Address: 201 Washington St. Reading, PA Tickets: $10

Iranian Short Films

Iranian Short Films

Goodbye Olympic Director: Mojtaba poorbakhsh Runtime: 18:37 minutes Maria is a girl whom she is a champion of Kayak; she is waiting for dispatching to the Olympics Qualification which held in France. The schedule of dispatching the kayaking team will be called off because of some troubles. Synthesis Director: Mohammad Towrivarian Runtime: 15 minutes A […]

Ape Canyon

Ape Canyon Director: Joshua Land & Victor FinkRuntime: 73 minutes n the midst of a quarter-life crisis, Cal Piker drags his big sister Samantha along on a Bigfoot-hunting expedition. And nothing – not the adventure turning out to be a scam, not being abandoned in the woods to die, not a confrontation with an uncommonly […]


Tarab Director: Jennifer HanleyRuntime: 88 minutes Mena Isaac is a single, successful Lebanese-American lawyer, married to her career. Sarah, her mother, desperately wants grandchildren and even arranges some “dates” (including, unwittingly, one with a gay Lebanese man). But Mena is getting older and Sarah is losing hope. Although, the Isaacs are a modern Lebanese-American family, […]

The Worry Doll

The Worry Doll Director: Brandon C. LayRuntime: 110 minutes After a series of unexplainable night terrors Tess (Syd Stauffer) becomes obsessed with finding her estranged sister, Janie (Karisa Hope). Tess and her best friend Ashlyn (Kate Huges) enlist her sister’s ex girlfriend Tick-Tick (Jenna McBreen) to help search for her in the drug underworld. Screening […]

Immigration & Refugees Block

Are You Volleyball?! Director: Mohammad Bakhshi Runtime: 15 minutes A group of Arabian spoken asylum seekers arrive to an English spoken country border and can’t keep going. They conflict with border soldiers everyday till a deaf-mute baby becomes a catalyst for better communication between two groups. Elephantbird Director: Masoud Soheili Runtime: 15 minutes A mini-bus […]

Original Sin

Original Sin Director: Jean Lee Runtime: 75 minutes After moving to Spain for her husband, Eva, a Paraguayan woman of class and elegance who always behaves in an appropriate way, finds herself bored, unhappy, and sexually frustrated. After Eva compulsively buys a provocative and offensive piece of art the painter shows up to hand-deliver his […]

Latino Block

Outside Time (Afuera Del Tiempo) Director: Marco Velez Esquivia Runtime: 90 minutes A man returns to the past to stop his girlfriend from ending their relationship before he can propose to her but every time he comes back she breaks up with him giving him a different excuse. Now he has to change according to […]

Bored In The USA

Bored In The USA Director: Mike Finazzo Runtime: 82 minutes “Life is simpler in black and white.” This line, uttered midway through Bored in the U.S.A., could well serve as the film’s thesis statement. Following the budding friendship of Kelly (Kelly Lloyd, Wits End), a bored housewife, and Chris (Chris Milner, Comedy Central), a displaced […]

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