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Linda Ronstadt: The Sound of My Voice

Linda Ronstadt: The Sound of My Voice Since bursting onto the music scene in 1967, Linda Ronstadt has been an icon for more than 50 years.  Her extraordinary vocal range and ambition created unforgettable songs across rock, pop, country, folk ballads, American standards, classic Mexican music and soul.  As the most popular female recording artist […]

Filmmaker Panel – International Distribution for Indie Filmmakers

Filmmaker Panel – International Distribution for Indie Filmmakers

We’ve been there, you kill yourself to make your film: max out your credit cards, fund raise, grant write, and beg your friends and family to get that film made. Now what? The fantasy of getting the sweet distribution deal after your festival premiere feels more and more like, well… just a fantasy. Conversation with […]

Female Filmmaker Panel: Challenges and Opportunities for Women in Film

Female Filmmaker Panel: Challenges and Opportunities for Women in Film

Panel discussion with industry veteran Anne Hubbell and Women’s Weekend Film Challenge founders Tracy Sayre and Katrina Medoff chat with ReadingFilmFEST Creative Director Tracy Schott about being a woman in the film industry in 2019. How far have we come really? What’s next? Jessie Garcia Jessie Garcia spent 26 years in television news and was […]

Made In Reading Block

Moonlight Massacre: Building the Haunt Director: Jason HuggRuntime: 75 minutes For years Halloween enthusiast Branden Moyer has constructed a haunted house in his backyard, gathering thousands of visitors. With no more room to expand his home haunt, Moyer takes his hobby to a new level by building a massive 4,000 square foot haunted attraction in […]

Saturday Shorts Block

Trap Fishing Director: David Helfer WellsRuntime: 7 minutes Get up close and personal with one of the last remaining trap fishing families in Rhode Island. Meet Corey Wheeler Forrest, her father Alan Wheeler and brother Luke Wheeler. Learn the art of trap fishing and what it takes to make a living on the water. Old […]

The Pollinators

The Pollinators Director: Peter Nelson Runtime: 92 minutes Much of the food on our tables comes from the intrinsic act of pollinating the flowers that become the fruits, vegetables and nuts we eat, but agricultural practices, pesticides and politics are making that simple act of nature more difficult everyday.
 Honey bees pollinate one third of […]

Horror/Thriller Block

Shifter Director: Matthew MarderRuntime: 12 minutes When an agent infiltrates a Russian Embassy in Tbilisi, Georgia and steals mysterious files, the Russians kidnap a woman they believe to be the culprit. But it may be a case of mistaken identity… The Hour After Westerly Director: Nate Bell & Andrew MorehouseRuntime: 24:44 minutes Davis Harwell (Peter […]

Ape Canyon

Ape Canyon Director: Joshua Land & Victor FinkRuntime: 73 minutes n the midst of a quarter-life crisis, Cal Piker drags his big sister Samantha along on a Bigfoot-hunting expedition. And nothing – not the adventure turning out to be a scam, not being abandoned in the woods to die, not a confrontation with an uncommonly […]

Boarding Pass

Boarding Pass Director: Mehdi RahmaniRuntime: 84 minutes Neda has decided to transit narcotics by swallowing them to solve her financial problems. The job, however has its own dangers. Screening Info Date: Saturday, November 2, 2019 at 8pmVenue: Reading IMAX TheaterAddress: 30 N 2nd St, ReadingTickets: $10

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