Still Waters

Still Waters

Still Waters

Director: Peter Gordon
Runtime: 79 minutes

Stephen Haff, former high school teacher, struggles to maintain Still Waters In A Storm, the tiny one-room school in Bushwick, Brooklyn he runs for free, and which has become a sanctuary – both for the students and himself. From its beginnings as a healing-through-writing exercise, his group of 40 Hispanic children now explore the power of storytelling, creativity and community, four days a week.

STILL WATERS follows this compelling man, his philosophy, the spirit of the children who attend and the immigrant Latino community they come from; a community now facing gentrification, eviction and disintegration.

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Screening Info

Date: Saturday, November 3, 2018 at 4pm
Venue: GoggleWorks Theater
Address: 201 Washington St, Reading
Tickets: $10

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