The Girl Next Door

The Girl Next Door

Director: Mark Clauburg
Runtime: 22 minutes

Ocean County makes up less than 7% of New Jersey’s population. However, it is home to the second most drug overdose deaths in the state. This short documentary explores the issues facing our community from the unique perspective of a neighbor who recently lost her childhood friend to a heroin overdose.

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Epicenter: Dayton's Opioid Crisis

Epicenter: Dayton’s Opioid Crisis

Director: Taylor Alexander
Runtime: 16 minutes

“Epicenter” examines what has become a nationwide focus on Dayton, Ohio… the opioid addiction epidemic. Media Production students at the University of Dayton created a documentary that educates and enlightens people as to the reality of living in the epicenter. After examining and presenting a scope and history of the problem, the documentary concentrates specifically on addiction as a disease, not a choice. Former addicts, treatment specialists, coroners and law enforcement officers were interviewed for a comprehensive analysis of a problem that has existed for decades and likely will continue for many more. Several points of view are presented in the hopes of sharing how opioid addiction impacts different people. The documentary is a call to action for the community at large.


Director: Christopher Romano
Runtime: 14 minutes

A single mother and recovering drug addict is given the chance to use heroin again, after being clean for 8 months.


Screening Info

Date: Saturday, November 3, 2018 at 2pm
Venue: GoggleWorks Theater
Address: 201 Washington St, Reading
Tickets: $10