White Paper film


White Paper

Director: Mark Kochanowicz
Runtime: 11 minutes

A salesman’s honesty is put to the test when a chance encounter leads to the opportunity of a lifetime.

website: www.facebook.com/WhitePaperMovie


The Educators film


The Educators

Director: Emily Rothermel
Runtime: 43 minutes

A documentary about how and why teachers connect with their students both within and beyond the classroom.



Notes In The Gunpowder film


Notes in the Gunpowder

Director: David D. Speace
Runtime: 16 minutes

A documentary short highlighting some interesting history and facts about the duPont family and the company they founded, beginning with the establishment of a colonial era gunpowder factory on the Brandywine River and the Irish, French and Italian immigrants who would help the duPonts become one of the richest and most powerful families in American corporate history. The duPont story is an immigration success story and could well be categorized as America’s version of Downton Abbey. This documentary has been produced to peak the interest of historians as well as Hollywood with the goal of producing a documentary drama series.



ReadingFilmFEST Extras!

RFF Staff & Volunteers

We claim to the filmmaker’s film festival, and here’s where we prove it! Some fun work that is truly home grown!


Screening Info

Date: Saturday, November 11, 2017 at 3:30pm
Venue: WCR Center for the Arts
Address: 140 N 5th St, Reading