Financial Action Task Force

Filmmakers in this category were given submission waivers because of their countries’ economic status by the FATF. This group of films all were filmed by Iranian  filmmakers, giving us an inside look at their culture.

Limit film



Director: Javad Daraei
Runtime: 7 minutes

Someone in a quiet area asked help from the people who he sees until someone enters the house and suddenly…

(Language – Persian, subtitles)


Samar film



Director: Kaveh Jahed
Runtime: 9 minutes

Azad is so depressed at missing his wife. His daughter “Samar” does something to pacify and cure him.

(Language – Kurdish, subtitles)



The Guy Came on Horseback


The Guy Came On Horseback

Director: Hossein Rabiei Dastjerdi
Runtime: 15 minutes

When a rural man becomes aware of the truth that his disabled son has fallen in love with their neighbor’s daughter, he decides to work around it.




From Hasakah with Love

From Hasakah With Love

Director: Mohammad Farahani
Runtime: 10 minutes

A girl, who’s family members have been murdered, is all alone in the city of Hasakah. In order to show her protest to the ongoing massacre, she decides to burn herself in front of a webcam.

(Language – English/Kurdish, subtitles)


Stone On Stone film

Stone On Stone

Director: Mohsen Serajian
Runtime: 8 minutes

A traditional Iranian family decides to kill an innocent woman for adultery. Her husband’s friend is commissioned to do the murder. ​He takes the woman out of the city to do what ​he was told. But, during their conversation…

(Language – Persian, subtitles)


Abbas Kiarostami: The Director

Abbas Kiarostami: The Director

Director: Mohsen Khodabakhshi
Runtime: 1 minute

A boy wants to take a photo with Abbas Kiarostami…

(Language – Persian, subtitles)


Screening Info

Date: Saturday, November 11, 2017 at 2pm
Venue: WCR Center for the Arts
Address: 140 N 5th St, Reading