Category: Short

Horror/Thriller Block

Shifter Director: Matthew MarderRuntime: 12 minutes When an agent infiltrates a Russian Embassy in Tbilisi, Georgia and steals mysterious files, the Russians kidnap a woman they believe to be the culprit. But it may be a case of mistaken identity… The Hour After Westerly Director: Nate Bell & Andrew MorehouseRuntime: 24:44 minutes Davis Harwell (Peter […]

Gender Issues – Shorts Block

Film block sponsored by UNSOLICTED Director: Meg CookRuntime: 1 minute A woman’s initial excitement at getting a message quickly turns sour. Based on the all too common experience of receiving an unsolicited ‘dick pic’. CRADLE OF SILENCE Director: Mostafa MehrabanRuntime: 10 minutes Rasoul has to deliver a cradle to his martyr friend’s widow. With Rasoul […]

Immigration & Refugees Block

Are You Volleyball?! Director: Mohammad Bakhshi Runtime: 15 minutes A group of Arabian spoken asylum seekers arrive to an English spoken country border and can’t keep going. They conflict with border soldiers everyday till a deaf-mute baby becomes a catalyst for better communication between two groups. Elephantbird Director: Masoud Soheili Runtime: 15 minutes A mini-bus […]

State Theater Shorts

State Theater Shorts Quiver

Midnight Carnival Director: Chung-Wei HuangRuntime: 19 minutes   Midnight Carnival tells the story of Andrea Lin, a confused Taiwanese girl in her late teens struggling to find her place in the world. In search of the adventure that is missing from her life, she takes a summer job in America working for a traveling carnival, […]

Opioid Crisis Block

The Girl Next Door Director: Mark Clauburg Runtime: 22 minutes Ocean County makes up less than 7% of New Jersey’s population. However, it is home to the second most drug overdose deaths in the state. This short documentary explores the issues facing our community from the unique perspective of a neighbor who recently lost her […]

World View Block

Pale Mirrors Director: Salem Salavati Runtime: 15 minutes “Shawbo” a woman which has only 24 hours to be pregnant. This might be her last opportunity to be a mother, but assuming the vague future completely has confused her. For this important she need go to city prison … UTOPIA Director: Mahdi Ghorbani Runtime: 16 minutes […]

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