Community Engagement Campaigns for Documentary Films Presented by Kelly DeVine andTracy Schott What is Community Engagement? When does a film become a movement? A conversation about self-distribution, community building, and identifying the allies to help your documentary film find its audience. Kelly DeVine, Impact Campaign Consultant. Kelly DeVine is a long-time […]

The Father & the Bear Director: John Putch 84 minutes A retired character actor with diagnosed dementia (WIL LOVE), longs to perform at his beloved summer theater one last time. Against his daughter’s wishes (DENDRIE TAYLOR), he accepts a role from the newly installed artistic director (DAVID DeLUISE) who is unaware of the man’s condition. Hollywood […]

Moviemaking in Small Towns: Q&A with Hollywood Director John Putch Hear from this Los Angeles based director about his inspiration for his film Father and the Bear.  Listen to what it was like to film in his home town of Chambersburg, PA. and how to make movies outside of Hollywood. […]

Cage The Bear Director: Adrian Horodecky 80 minutes Patriotic Ukrainian hackers break into the Kremlin’s global terror network and transfer funds designated for their invasion of Ukraine. The Russian FSB kidnaps their friend, takes her to the United States and forces the hackers to make the exchange there, far away from […]